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Consumers to see more features of Ultrabooks in late 2011

Consumers can expect to see Ultrabooks measuring less than 21mm in thickness, fast start up time, up to five hours of battery life and various security features.

Ultrabooks will be pushed out to consumers in phases. Phase 1 was initiated in June when Intel introduced Ultrabooks at Computex 2011. Phase 2 which will begin in the first half of 2012, will feature Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge processors that allow better power efficiency, responsiveness and improved security. 

However, consumers can look forward to the following features that the current Ultrabooks will offer in late 2011:-

  • Thin/light designs

    • Less than 21 mm thick – some much thinner than even that.
  • Ultra-fast start up

    • Intel Rapid Start Technology gets your system up and running faster from even the deepest sleep, saving time and battery life.

      • PC wakes up almost instantly – Quick access to your data and applications
  • Extended battery life

    • Ultrabooks will offer 5 hours of battery life even in the sleekest form factors with some systems delivering 8 hours or more for all-day usage.
  • Security enabled

See the full article at Intel's blog.

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