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Confirmed: “No Man’s Sky” delayed until early August


It’s official, No Man’s Sky isn’t going to be released until August 9, and this nearly two months’ delay is causing a bit of ruckus in the gaming community.

Director Sean Murray says there are still some things they need to work out before the game launches. According to him, the game needs some “extra” polishing. What this means we don’t really know.

Take into consideration that the game is a virtually endless expanse of space and planets, Murray could be polishing anything. No Man’s Sky has been extremely well covered by multiple outlets, and the hype surrounding the game is real.

We’ve seen our fair share of overhyped games in the past, but let’s just hope Murray’s team won’t disappoint once the game drops on August 9 in North America, August 10 in Europe, and August 12 in the UK.

Murray followed up the delay news by saying he understands how disappointing it might be for many looking forward to exploring an open universe. However, he and his team had to make this tough decision to ensure their game will meet the “intense amount of expectation” that people have for No Man’s Sky.

He went a little bit further and asked for forgiveness considering Hello Games is the first to attempt something like this.

Source: Sony PlayStation Blog

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