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Confirmed: Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus feature 2GB RAM, iPad Pro packs 4GB


When Apple announced the new iPhones and the iPad Pro last week, it didn’t reveal any info on the amount of RAM inside the latest products. However, it has now been confirmed that the two new iPhones feature 2GB of RAM, while the iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM.

The confirmation comes from iOS developer Hamza Sood, who discovered the info in the Apple development tool Xcode. Adobe had also revealed earlier this week that the iPad Pro comes with 4GB of RAM in a Creative Cloud press release, but it quickly withdrew the mention.


The upgrade in RAM was expected though, as rumors had been claiming the same for months. While 2GB of RAM may not sound very impressive compared to what we have seen on latest flagship Android smartphones, we do need to keep in mind that Android and iOS handle memory differently. The additional 1GB of RAM should improve the overall user-experience on the new iPhones and allow users to enjoy superior multi-tasking compared to the older iPhones.

Source: Hamza Sood

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