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Concept renders show off what Apple’s smart TV could look like

If Apple was to launch a smart TV product in the near future, would it look something like this?


Multiple firms have been toying with the idea of manufacturing gadgets using curved displays, and surely Apple has to be one of them.  The company’s rumored iWatch may feature a curved display that will bring forth a true revolution in wearables. Additionally, according to various sources, Apple is also looking into producing smart TV’s.  This means, if it is a product that’s projecting some type of pictures or videos, we can’t help but to speculate that Apple is thinking about using curved display tech in this area also.

Curved and flexible displays may not play a major role in disrupting the current TV set segment, as there are multiple reasons as to why a plain old flat LED display is still preferable.  However one looks at this topic of TV sets featuring curved displays, it’s still a neat thing to look forward to if early adoption is your thing.

LG, a South Korea-based tech company, has already announced that a smartphone with a flexible display will launch mid-November, but we’re not quite sure that curved/flexible displays are ready for prime time yet.  Production yields are still major concerns for companies looking into curved displays for their products, so the likelihood that this type of tech will blossom into the next tech trend in the coming months is unlikely.

As we await the arrival more products with curved displays, we can thank the artists working on renders that give us a taste of what could be the outcome of these exciting new tech.  Hopefully, the engineers are tuning in and using these over-the-top fan concepts to push their own abilities to the limits.

Source: Martin Hajek

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