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Conan O’Brien – Final Fantasy XV is a mass murderer of your time!

Final Fantasy XV

On a hilarious episode of Clueless Gamer, Conan O’Brien sits down with Elijah Wood to play a game we’ve all been waiting for, Final Fantasy XV. It wasn’t pretty. Here are some snippets –

“We’re on a fantasy adventure and we’re pushing a car through a desert?”

“This boss battle takes 72 hours to beat? The last time I spent 72 hours beating a worm was in college!”

“Why did we spend so much time getting the car fixed, when we can move around on a chicken so easily?”

To all Final Fantasy fans, that was a blasphemous reference to our beloved Chocobos! But having endured the game’s slow pace, Conan reserved his most scathing shots for the Square Enix team waiting outside – watching the whole thing unfold in real time!

“You’ve been working on this game for 7 months? You’re mass murderers of peoples’ time! Babies will not get born because of you!”

Despite that, I am still getting this game come November 29. I’ve waited far too long to sit this one out. Time to say goodbye to my social life!

Watch the hilarious exchange here.

Via Cnet:

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