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Conan O’Brien: Apple’s next tablet will be the iPad Mini Mega Micro

Late night TV has been mocking various Apple products lately, and Conan O’Brien’s take on what Apple may launch next will probably have you laughing until the next launch event.

When the iPad mini rumor began swirling, some thought that Apple will finally heed the needs of budget conscious consumers.  However, as we can see from the $329 price tag of the 16GB iPad mini, Apple hasn’t changed its philosophy at all.  Apple has so much control of the tablet market that regardless of what the competition is doing, the Cupertino-based firm will still profit immensely from most of their gadgets.

Major tablet competitors such as Amazon have confirmed that they’re making next to nothing on their tablets, but despite selling iPad-alternatives for ‘less,’ the Kindles aren’t being sold like grain during a famine.  With all this in mind, O’Brien’s clever take on Apple’s control of the tablet market is nothing short of hilarious. 

Regardless of the screen size, and regardless of the price, Apple iPad tablets will sell.  So far, that theme hasn’t change, and so the Apple war chest continues to grow.

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