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Computex 2014: Synology reveals the DS414slim

The DS414slim is a diminutive NAS that weighs just 600 grams.


After officially announcing the NAS last week, Synology is showcasing the unit at its Computex booth. The DS414slim is one of the smallest four-bay NAS systems we’ve seen thus far. The portable size means that you can only fit in 2.5-inch drives, with a 2 TB drive limit for individual drives.

The NAS runs a full-fledged version of Synology’s DSM 5.0, a feature-rich web-based OS that allows you to manage, monitor and control settings on your NAS. Hardware-wise, the device looks like a trimmed down version of larger Synology models, which is a good thing. At the front, you get status indicators for all the drives and the LAN, USB ports, whereas the drive bays can be accessible from the back.

With a price tag of $299, the DS414slim is one of the most affordable four-bay solutions from Synology.

Synology DS414slim image gallery


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