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Computex 2011 Final Day Press Conference: The “perfect end” to the Asia’s largest ICT trade show

After five eventful days of showcasing the latest technological advanvements in the field of infocommunication technology, the world's second largest such trade show, also known as Computex, has finally come to an end. And like how most major events are, TAITRA has organized a press conference at Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center, where it talked about the success of this year's trade fair and its plans for the future of Computex.

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As they always say, all good things have to come to an end, and keen followers of this year's infocommunication technology (ICT) trade show known as Computex will only be too aware of what the aforementioned saying means in this context. That is right: without many knowing, we have already arrived at the last day of Asia's largest ICT trade show for this year, and it will be a full 24 months before IT enthusaists and businesses will get the chance to congregate once again to show off the latest developments in the industry.

However, there can also be little denying that many have viewed this year's trade fair as a huge success, and TAITRA themselves are apparently pleased enough with the results to organize a press conference to announce some statistics for Computex 2011, as well as drop a few hints about the various changes visitors can expect to see in Computex 2012. And doing so at the event's opening address was TAITRA's executive director, Jeremy M.C Hong.

Describing the press conference as the "perfect ending" to Computex 2011, Hong described this year's trade fair as the most spectacular one in its 30-year history.

"We have attracted more than 125,000 visitors…and 1800 exhibitors which have occupied 5300 booths. This is a 9% increase in attendance as compared to the show last year, and we have seen a 3.1% increase in international visitors and buyers as well," he said.

Hong also spoke about how Computex has been evolving to allow for a convergence of various IT trends that have been sweeping Taiwan, and pointed to this year's fair placing particular emphasis on the likes of tablet PCs, eBooks, smartphones, 3D technology and cloud computing, while mentioning the official Computex 2011 app for iOS and Android-powered devices to prove his claim.

Last but definitely not least, Hong revealed at a Q & A session that TAITRA is planning to further enhance next year's Computex by aiming to host next year's trade fair at a central location, while ensuring that other vendors have more opportunities to secure a booth at Asia's largest ICT trade fair.

Hong and TCA's deputy secretary general Li Chang fielding questions from curious reporters

"We know that our weakest link stems from the fact that our exhibition grounds are not big and complete enough to accept more companies from coming in to participate in Computex. As such, we will be moving the entire exhibition to Nangang from next year onwards, and that there will be a second exhibition hall built there as well, and that is due for completion in the next three years. During these three years, we will house additional enhibitors at temporary locations near the main Nangang premises until the second exhibition hall is completed. That is our plan for now," he said in Mandarin. 

Finally, before we leave, here are a couple of pictures of the lovely Ms Computex showgirls for Computex 2011:

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