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COMPUTEX 2010: Of 3D TVs, eBook readers, PCs and more

Who says that COMPUTEX has to be all about enthusiast-level gadgets and peripherals? VR-Zone takes a trip down to the exhibitions halls over at TWTC and TICC to bring you some of the latest consumer electronics up on display. Of course, some of these will probably never see the light of day outside Taiwan, but we can still dream, right?

Read on to find out more.

NANGANG may be the place to go to for all of the cool stuff like data storage hardware, computer parts and components, but it was hardly the only place of interest during COMPUTEX 2010.

Instead, most of the other cool stuff which fall under the broad category of ‘consumer electronics’ were housed far away from NANGANG and in the TWTC halls, where the other half of the VR-Zone team was assigned to.

As we made our way to the first level of Exhibition Hall 1 at TWTC, the first thing which greeted us was this booth (conveniently located just next to the entrance) proudly displaying its products for show

As its name states, this particular booth houses just about anything that has to do with 3D displays, and it did not disappoint; in addition to the standard 3D TVs, there were also other products such as 3D digital picture frames and 3D DV camcorders, all of which we will show below.

Unfortunately, you will have to take the pictures with a pinch of salt, as it seems that stills just can’t seem to capture the 3D effect of the devices.


Digital picture frames


All of the digital photo frames are capable of switching between 2D and 3D mode and do not require 3D glasses for one to enjoy the 3D effect, thanks to the use of autostereoscopic technology. Definitely a good way to breath some new life into old photographs and images.

DV Camcorder

Unfortunately, this was the only 3D camcorder which we were allowed to take pictures of, as the other brand available had a ‘no photography’ policy set in place.

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