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COMPUTEX 2010: Noctua and Coolink CPU Coolers

We got to see a number of new products from Noctua; an alternative to the flagship NH-D14, a successor to the popular NH-C12P SE14, and a unique HTPC-oriented dual fan low-profile cooler. Also in this article are the Corator line of heatsinks from Coolink.

Join us as we take a look at the upcoming products from Noctua and Coolink.

The flagship Noctua NH-D14 has impressive cooling performance. However, enthusiasts found themselves unable to install memory modules with tall heatspreaders such as the Corsair Dominator and Kingston HyperX T1 once the NH-D14 has been mounted.

In order to address the ‘problem’, Noctua has come up with a smaller yet similar looking heatsink. The new Noctua 120mm D-type cooler is smaller than the NH-D14 to improve compatibility. In single fan mode (pictured below), there will not be any issues with tall heatspreaders. 

The new 120mm D-type uses six heatpipes, and Noctua expects performance to be close to the NH-D14 flagship (which also has six heatpipes). Enthusiasts would be excited to know that this new heatsink can take three 120mm fans.


There is also a new 92mm D-type cooler which is similar in design to the 120mm D-type, minus two heatpipes.

The 92mm D-type cooler has a square shape of 95mm for optimal compatibility on the LGA 1156 platform.

Naturally, the 92mm D-type cooler was dwarfed when placed beside the mammoth Noctua flagship.


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