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COMPUTEX 2010: Casings, Power Supply Units and Cooling Roundup!

COMPUTEX TAIPEI brings together a disproportionate number of casings, power supplies and cooling products. SilverStone TJ11? Beefy 105A single +12V rail? Dual layer HDT heatsinks from XIGMATEK?  See them all in this show report!

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 brought together a large number of exhibitors manufacturing power supply units (PSUs), heatsink fans (HSFs) and PC chassis. These three categories of items have the longest product life cycle amongst PC hardware and components; they are also relatively low-technology when compared against the semiconductor/software-driven industry producing memory, storage, mainboards and graphics accelerators.

For a few years, PSU makers have been pushing for their products to achieve 80PLUS standards in efficiency. Indeed, a lot of the PSUs we see on store shelves right now have already achieved that accredition. Some are even pushing the limits, with efficiency exceeding 90% at certain loads. We are glad that at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010, we are starting to hear of PSUs that exceed 90% efficiency ratings from a few PSU makers. Power design engineers have apparently gotten a lot cleverer over the years, using to their advantage new electronic manufacturing techniques.

On the chassis and HSF front, things become a little more subjective. It is always the perceived value of form and function that matters most to consumers with such products. Join us as we look around to find out more about metal work and power electronics for the PC enthusiast.



AmacroX may not claim to be at the cutting edge of PSU design and manufacturing, but the company’s product sees a huge following amongst PC DIYers on a budget. Right now, we are starting to see the product range diversify, offering the enthusiast more unique options in the process.


Here you see the Calmer 3 Fanless PSU. Efficiency is rated at 85%, using just passive cooling for 560W of output power.


The Free Earth 88PLUS range offers 500W, 600W and 700W models, each claiming over 88% efficiency.


The Pure Silver and Pure Gold PSUs are targeted at enthusiasts seeking out 80PLUS Silver and 80PLUS Gold PSUs respectively.


AmacroX’s answer to the highend desktop enthusiast market is of course the Pure Gold product.


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