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Coming Soon: Dell 7-Inch Tablet

Dell Streak

The Dell tablet was showed off briefly by company’s chief executive, Michael Dell, at the Oracle conference a week ago and from various news sources, it looks like Dell will be launching their 7-inch Android tablet in the next couple of weeks.

Note: above picture is that of the 5-inch Dell Streak

With the tablet market heating up with Apple’s iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook, it is no wonder Dell is going to launch their own 7-inch tablet soon. Unveiled briefly by the company’s chief executive, Michael Dell, at the Oracle conference last week, the new tablet will be running on Android operating system.

According to one executive, the manufacturer intends to launch the entire range of the products in the next six to twelve months – 3-inch, 4-inch and 10-inch. Some of the new devices will also run Windows operating system and Dell is also considering incorporating Google Chrome OS.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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