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Comic legend Stan Lee turns 91 today, receives one million Twitter followers as present

The grandfather of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, celebrates his 91st birthday today–and fans across the world unite to give him a gift of one million Twitter followers to show appreciation.

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Stan Lee is one of the most iconic figures in pop culture, and has personally shaped one of the most popular mediums and industries of our time: comic books. The founder of Marvel, he created the foundations for some of the most recognized heroes in all of existence–and played an integral part in the uprising of comic books as a major entertainment source for the entire world.

Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, X-Men; these are all names that bring up a swirling nexus of nostalgia, as many of our childhoods have been capitalized upon comics in some form or another.

The Marvel cosmos is now filled with a staggering mythos with tomes upon tomes of lore and backstories, and thousands of series being generated throughout the last half-century. The love of comic books is still thriving even today, even in the wake in digital online distribution, and nerds across the globe have rallied together to pay homage to Stan Lee’s monumental 91st birthday.

Marvel Heroes

Kevin Smith–the director of cult classics like Clerks and Dogma and all-around comic-book fanatic–lent his voice to a campaign to get Stan Lee a million followers. With the help of Smith and countless comic-lovers, Lee’s Twitter account has surpassed the one-million mark–and fans everywhere are wishing him a happy birthday.

If comic books will always have a special spot in your heart, be sure to drop by and add your birthday wishes to Lee’s ever-growing fanbase–the creator of such an historic dynasty assuredly deserves hearty applause on a landmark occasion like this!

Lee’s Marvel dynasty has permeated through our entire culture, and has shaped many different industries as a whole.

Throughout the last half-century we’ve seen everything from video games to board games and everything in between, with a smattering of feature length films (with many more on the way) and animated television programs. The Marvel universe stretches across an ever-expanding realm of nerds, artists, inkers and comic aficionados, and remains one of the most engaging mediums of our era.

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