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Codemasters and Formula One Extend Partnership, Multiple F1 Titles Coming

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We have received news that Codemasters has extended the partnership with the Formula One World Championship Ltd., which will result in even larger number of F1 games on multiple platforms.

Ever since Codemasters poached the F1 license from underwhelming Sony Computer Entertainment, the company delivered solid entertainment to millions of fans worldwide. To be more precise, F1 2010 and F1 2011 sold in over 5.5 million copies, bringing over 300 million dollars in revenue.

This is significantly more than Sony was able to achieve after they paid 200 million dollars to Formula One Management and released a series of mediocre arcade games.

Building on that, it comes as of no surprise that Formula One World Championship Limited, a group behind the sport – decided to convert the original two year license into a multiyear agreement which will see the arrival of multiple titles oriented to all audiences.

According to Codemasters, we can expect F1 expanding in the following direction:

  • F1 20xx titles – new simulation games targeting popular consoles and PC
  • F1 Online – new freemium (free-to-play, pay for premium) management game
  • Unannounced "family-oriented" F1 title (read: F1 for kids)

According to Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO of Formula One Group, "Codemasters has created some of the best and most successful FORMULA ONE games to date.  We and the teams work closely with them and look forward to creating more award winning games together in the future."

The new F1 2012 title will follow in September, a year after F1 2011 and two years after F1 2010. The F1 Online will come this spring, while the “Family F1 game” will be released during this holiday season.

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