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CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Keyboard Review

As mechanical keyboards become more ubiquitous, it was a matter of time before companies came up with various unique features and designs. Today we are having a look at the QuickFire TK by CM Storm, a compact gaming mechanical keyboard designed to mix LAN party gaming with working at home.

Mechanical keyboards are becoming more and more popular among gamers, professionals and enthusiasts. Unlike a year ago, when mechanical keyboards were a very rare and expensive commodity, there are numerous unique models available today from which every power user can choose from. Today we are having a close look at the QuickFire TK, a compact mechanical keyboard with a full numpad which CoolerMaster primarily designed for gamers attending LAN parties. The QuickFire TK comes in three versions, each featuring a different Cherry MX switch and backlight color. Today we are testing the red version which, as the name suggests, is built using Cherry MX red switches and red backlighting.

Manufacturer’s features and specifications

Model Number

SGK-4020-GKCR1(Red switch)
SGK-4020-GKCM1(Brown switch)
SGK-4020-GKCL1(Blue switch)

Key Switch

Cherry MX Blue/ Brown/ Red


ABS, grip coated, removable

Keycap Puller

Yes, ring-puller


All keys backlit, 5 Levels, 3 Modes(Breathing, WASD or full backlight); 
Red switch key has red backlight

Blue switch key has blue backlight

Brown switch has white backlight

Key Rollover

NKRO (windows only)

Polling Rate

1000 Hz /1 ms


USB 2.0 full speed

USB cable

1.8m, braided, gold plated, removable





544 g/1.2 lbs


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