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Clive Palmer plans to build animatronic Jurassic Park

An Australian billionaire is planning to create a theme park; an animatronic Jurassic Park with the largest number of robotic dinos on the planet.

Clive Palmer is the most fun billionaire on the planet. Instead of putting his money in the stock market or locking it in a safe, he actually uses it for amazing projects; he’s like a ten year old who has just been told he can have anything he wished for. The Australian billionaire is already building a copy of the Titanic (dubbed Titanic II), which is due to set sail in 2016 for the maiden voyage its inspiration never completed. Now, he’s announced another project: a “real” Jurassic Park.


Though he won’t be cloning any extinct animals, he will be buying 165 animatronic dinosaurs and littering them around his Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. So far, he has ordered 117 of them from central China, to back up his already purchased Tyrannosaurus Rex and Omeisaurus. The new order includes a 7 meter tall Memenchisaurus and a 1200kg Brachiosaurus.


The animals won’t be able to walk, understandably, but they will sway their tails, blink and appear to breathe. In addition to the dinosaurs, Palmer is planning a mini-golf course, motor museum, tracked car ride and gallery. The park has received criticism from locals who believe it will cheapen the area, but hey, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

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