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Cisco will acquire Meraki Incorporated

Cisco Systems Inc. is offering over 1 billion dollars and other special incentives to acquire a privately owned cloud networking company called Meraki Inc.

The acquisition of Meraki Inc is the latest acquisition in just one of many companies that Cisco has been acquiring.

Cisco Systems has been on something of an acquisition run of late, and they just recently announced a 1.1 billion dollar deal in acquiring Meraki, Inc.  According to Cisco the deal should be going through by January 2013.  This latest deal will help Cisco provide improved security when it comes to cloud managed Wi-Fi networks for mid-sized corporations and businesses. The California based Cisco Systems is currently the world’s largest producer of computer-networking equipment. 

This latest acquisition announcement from Cisco comes just a few days after their November 15th announcement of the company’s plans to acquire the company, Cloupia.  A relatively new company, Cloupia is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and operates as a software data center that manages and automates cloud data.  The company offers numerous products such a cloud computing services and helps other companies make transitions over to private and public cloud environments. 

On Cisco’s company website Hilton Romanaski who serves as Cisco’s Head of Corporate Business Management says that the acquisition of Cloupia would allow them to “provide a single, ‘pane-of-glass’ management across Cisco and partner solutions including FlexPod, VSPEX, and Vblock.  Romanaski goes on to say; “Mergers, acquisitions and investments are a key part of Cisco’s build, buy and partner innovation framework and supports our strategy of providing best-in-class solutions for customers.”

It is quite apparent that Cisco’s recent acquisitions of many companies is an effort to help the computer-networking corporation expand their base and perfect their Cloud Computing organization to work as part of their growing Cisco Open Network Environment.  But combining networking storage, management solutions and interconnecting all of our computers and mobile devices only makes sense, and it seems Cisco wants to remove any future competition in this department. 

To read more about the Meraki acquisition you can visit Meraki’s FAQ page here.




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