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Circular Samsung Gear A watch inches closer to debut with standalone 3G

Full 3G capabilities, that is, including initiation of voice calls sans obligatory smartphone synchronization.


You didn’t need psychic skills to anticipate the Apple Watch would spur progresses all around the smart wearable ecosystem, with everyone from Motorola to LG, Samsung and even Huawei now trying their best to milk a rapidly growing new fad.

But is it a passing fad or an enduring trend-setter? Too early to tell for sure, yet it Samsung and Motorola keep doing what they’re doing, their Gears and 360s are here to stay. Likely vying for the perfect circle, slim-bezel title, the Moto 360 and Samsung Gear S sequels should break cover in the next few months.

Right now, the latter is the only one expected to support 3G networks all by itself, taking things to the next level with call-making competence. Plus, obviously, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Rumor has it a non-3G variant will also be sold to cater to budget audiences, and both editions are to carry Gear A market names.

Samsung Orbis

It’s safe to assume therefore Samsung will bring its A-game with the “Orbis”, though Tizen is still tipped to run the software show in lieu of Android Wear. No word on precise release dates, and nothing on price tags.

The Koreans will probably try to compete with the “iWatch” by rolling out the Gear A before the S loses its appeal entirely. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-limited, as well as on-contract in 3G-enabled models, the round timepiece should cost no more than $250 to make it.

Speaking of, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are all slated to get a piece of the action. Watch out, Cupertino, this niche is heating up.

Source: Sam Mobile

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