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Circles.Life: A Potential for Unlimited Mobile Data

If you’ve never head of Circles.Life, then you might have been living under a rock for the past few month. The new digital telco, has built up a reputation for itself, allowing the public to have the most flexible plans that are contract-free and armed with unlimited WhatsApp data usage.

The best part of Circles.Life is the Unlimited Bonus Data offer. Whenever you refer someone to Circles.Life, your own mobile data increases, so you could keep on growing your 6GB of data to about 20, 30 or even 50GB worth of data if you have what it takes.

How Do You Get More Data?


For every single person you refer, Circles.Life will give you an additional 200 MB of Bonus Data if they key in your personal code. There is literally no limit as to how much data you can earn and your extra data doesn’t expire at all. It lasts as long as your relationship with Circles.Life, which you can terminate any time since it’s contract free.

Loyalty Bonus Data

Credits: TechieLobang
Credits: TechieLobang

For every 2 years you remain on Circles.Life, a subscriber can earn up to 2GB/month as long as you choose to stay on the network for 2 years.

Every 6 months (half a year), you will receive an extra 500MB per month, which is pretty awesome.

Topping Leaderboards

The greater the number of people you refer, the higher your rank on the leaderboards will be. If you top the leaderboard, you get the chance to win attractive prizes and even more perks.

How Good is Their Cell Service


We don’t want bad connections even if the price of the plan is cheap. Rest assured, if you are satisfied with M1’s cellular connection, you will be satisfied with Circles.Life reception.

A digtal telco, Circles.Life doesn’t build or own any cell towers in Singapore. It rents and taps on M1’s internet connection and cell service. So your reception will be just as good as your friend beside you tapping on M1’s network.

Circles.Life Plans

Let’s finally get to the plans. If you want a plan on a budget, get a $28 plan, which is pretty decent on its own.

Updated plan_Circles.Life

Additional data comes at $6/GB which is cheaper than your other telco’s $8.98. The SMS-es cost $4 per 100 SMS, and talk time costs you $4 per 100min, which is much better than your 3 telcos.

The only issue is that if you are bound already to your telcos, you might have to wait out your contracts before hopping on to Circles.Life.

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