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Cinematic Gaming: ASUS Striker II Triple SLI

We’ve seen the Crossfire and SLI solutions battling for the ultimate multi-GPU solution, with Nvidia being the first to prove to the masses that two graphics accelerator is not enough for the extreme enthusiast. Today, we bring to you Asus’ rendition of Nvidia’s latest Triple SLI platform, the Asus Striker II: Replublic of Gamers Edition.

Feel The Force

Half a decade ago, when you wanted a high performance system on the cheap, you would grab an nForce board with an AMD CPU. Those were the days when single-threaded computing was the only option (let’s not call up SMP fans here). Not too long later, during the Athlon 64 and X2 era, the overclocking enthusiast found themselves with only one choice again. This time, it was still an nForce option. Since the T-Bird of yore, things have changed hands; today we’re calling the discrete graphics solution company “A” with a “MD” rather than a “Ti.” Naturally, the spiteful 680i is one outdated chipset for it’s time. NVIDIA slaps a new tag on the old silicon, and this 2008 we’re on something called the 780i.

Asus Strikes

The original Striker was one of the first “Republic of Gamers” motherboard targeted at the enthusiast market. It even had one scandalous association with one of it’s lower end brethren – the P5N32SLI. Today’s Striker II is a different story, or so it seems on the outside. In truth, the 780i is an updated package of chipsets rather than a fresh new device from the fab. Essentially, the Striker II is a Striker revised for Triple SLI. Same story with how reference 780i boards like those retailed by XFX are effectively 680i boards with new tricks up the sleeve.

When we say new tricks, it means more than just a driver revision. The 780i package includes an additional x16 PCIe slot for maximal texture transfer. Two PCIe 2.0 x16 slots along with one PCIe x16 slot makes up the total count of graphics optimized expressways. On with the pictures!

Oh! It comes with COH!

I tried to bluff the Editor into believing that this was all that Asus had sent. He was too sharp for my cowpiss, and I ended up with “Will Work for Gameplay” on my IM for the next two days. =X

Distinctly Asus, with RoG style heatpipes and ego-logos.

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