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‘Chromoting’ app for iOS being developed

Google is currently working on a “Chromoting” application for iOS devices in addition to Android.


A message has been spotted on the Chromium blog which reveals that the Chromoting app for iOS is being developed. Chromoting lets users control their computers from a mobile device, in the case of iOS users, this would be an iPhone or an iPad. An Android version has been in development since last year. Google is building upon what it has achieved with Chrome Remote Desktop, an application for the popular browser that lets users securely access their computer over the web from anywhere in the world.

The blog reveals that iOS version of Chromoting is actually in its early stages right now, the app is unpolished and behind in development than Android, which doesn’t come as a surprise, given that the Android version got a headstart. It is believed that Chromoting app for Android will be the first to be publicly released, and that it will be followed up by the iOS version after some time.

So far nothing much is known about the feature set of these applications. Google has declined to clarify, the company says that while it is always experimenting with new features in Chrome, it has nothing to announce at this point in time.

Source: TechCrunch

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