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Chinese woman’s eye gets injured as her damaged iPhone 5 allegedly explodes

In the latest story coming out of China, it is said that the eye of a Chinese woman was injured as her damaged iPhone allegedly exploded in her hands. The woman says that prior to exploding, her iPhone 5 was heating up more than usual during a phone call.


This isn’t the first incident report coming out of China in recent months. The death of a flight attendant and the electrocution of a man which sent him in a coma were reported a few weeks ago, both incidents reportedly had a common denominator, a fake charger. Since then Apple has issued an advisory to all Chinese customers on its website to only buy original Apple chargers, it is even offering to replace their fake chargers with a genuine one for a small fee. Though this particular incident doesn’t seem to have been caused by such a charger.

Only the woman’s last name has been given in the report, she’s called Li. She says that her iPhone 5 had been damaged previously after it was dropped, which resulted in a crack at the top right corner of the display. She noticed during a 40 minute call that the device was getting extraordinarily hot, so she tried to cut the call only to find out that the display was not working. Li claims that shortly after that the iPhone 5S exploded in her hands, causing the sharpnel to scratch the cornea of her eye.

Apple hasn’t officially commented on this issue, and it remains to be seen if the company will launch an investigation into the matter. Li claims that she doesn’t want compensation from Apple.

Source: [Dalian Evening News]

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