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Chinese factory’s not-so-secret method to increase productivity by 250%

The only way to eliminate human errors is to eliminate (insert what you’re thinking here). This is exactly what a mobile phone factory did in China, and the results were astonishing. According to Monetary Watch, the Changying Precision Technology Company (CPTC) flipped the switch on some 600 workers, replacing them with robots, and saw a wicked 250% boost in productivity and an 80% decrease in defects.

This is not good news for factory workers, especially those that work in high volume environments. Needless to say, scholars and industry experts agree that production robots will replace people and occupy niches that were once run by nimble fingers and weak eyesight. Furthermore, it would appear that there is a 90% chance that robots (or some sophisticated computer algorithm) will replace any human in just about every job.

If you’re using Turbo Tax, then you’ve fired your CPA. If you’re using a Roomba, then you’ve probably fired your cleaning lady. Regardless of the industry, automation and robotics is inching ever closer to the peak of human imaginations.

CPTC’s 60 remaining workers will be cut to just 20 in the near future, and there’s certainly nothing they can do to slow down the rapid expansion of robotic capabilities.

Not all economies will be able to handle the fact that robots are more efficient and productive than humans. Blending technological innovations with human well-being is certainly a task that robots won’t be able to accomplish… So, maybe that’s where some of us should look for job opportunities.

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