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Chinese colleges in favor of online civil service exams

For hundreds of years, the Chinese civil service exam was a strenuous affair for scholars wanting to work in the government.  Now, many professors want the exam to be held online.

The Chinese civil service exam has changed drastically over the last hundred years.  In pre-modern China, Confucian scholars would spend days in a small room writing lengthy essays on parchment.  Today, college students take the exam with pencil and paper, but soon, the exam might be on the internet.  According to discussions among Chinese universities, it may be beneficial to host the civil service exam online.  

Ji Xuefeng, a professor of mathematics, says that many student athletes have to cut back on practices because their parents push them to take the civil service exam.  If the exam were held online, students would be able to take the test without missing other activities.  It would also encourage students to take the test who may have otherwise not had the time.

Having the test online would be more convenient for students, teachers, and proctors, but it might make sorting through the scores more difficult.  Last year, 150 million people took the test, according to the Chongqing National Bureau of Statistics Survey Corps.  Only one out of every 9470 test takers get a job in the civil service.  If the exam were held online, entrance into the civil service might become even more competitive.  

Civil service employees have very low starting salaries, but they recieve good benefits and job security.  However, it seems that fewer and fewer young people are interested in civil service careers.  

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