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Chinese chips may soon rival Intel

China's first microprocessor may soon find it's way into routers and servers, competing with the current day Intel and ARM architecture.

Currently, the computer and mobile market is dominated by two architectures for their processors: Intel-architecture and ARM-architecture. Now, the Chinese BLX IC Design Corporation, a public private partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is about to unveil a third contender, based on their own design. Early next year, a chip in their line of Loongson processors will be unveiled, which is meant to drive computers, servers and even super computers.

Loongson chip

BLX IC Design Corporation's latest chip is the Godson-3B1500, released in 2011 and which is said to have twice as many transistors and being 35% more power efficient than previous models. These older chips have already been used however, to create china's first home-built super computer.

The chip due to be revealed next year will be a 32nm chip, which still falls behind Intel's newest 22nm size. In addition, the processor chip will be incompatible with Windows, meaning it will lose a large potential market. However, the chip is cheap to produce, and that means it could be used to promote internet centric computing in developing nations, where the costs of setting up servers prohibit the development of online and cloud-based infrastructure.

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