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China Mobile still hasn’t reached a deal with Apple

Despite mounting reports, China Mobile reiterates that it is still talking with Apple about the possibility of an iPhone launch.


Over the past couple of months it has been rumored time and time again that Apple’s new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C both, are going to be launched on the world’s largest mobile carrier. Media outfits such as the Wall Street Journal confirmed the launch, pegging at on December 18. However the day came and went and China Mobile made no announcement of the iPhone launch. It was supposed to do so at the event marking the start of its commercial 4G service, the service went live, but no iPhones were launched.

The chairman of China Mobile, Xi Guohua, clarified when talking to the press that right now China Mobile has no announcement to make with regards to the iPhones. He confirmed that as yet no deal has been reached with Apple. A spokesman for China Mobile also confirmed the same. It is not known for how long the talks are going to continue, the carrier has not given a timeframe in which its more than 750 million subscribers can expect the new iPhones to be launched.

Apple would certainly want this to work out. The deal may bring in an additional $10 billion in yearly revenue if analysts’ estimates are correct, which would result in a substantial increase in its market share in China.

Source: Reuters

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