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China Mobile iPhone launch might finally take place on December 18

Speculation about China Mobile iPhone launch stirs up once again as the carrier is finally expected to make an announcement on December 18.


China Mobile has more than 700 million subscribers, making it the world’s largest mobile carrier. Even though its rivals in China have been carrying the iPhone for quite some time now, up till now China Mobile hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon. For the past few months it is being rumored that both new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, are going to be launched by the carrier. China Mobile is set to announce a new brand partner on December 18, that much it has confirmed on its website, and this has led to speculation that the iPhones might finally be coming.

The government in China is yet to issue 4G licenses, however a China Mobile executive has told The Wall Street Journal that the carrier is ready to roll out its 4G service. Rumor has it that the licenses might be issued by next week. Apple has already received regulatory approval in China to put its iPhones on China Mobile’s network, so almost all of the hurdles have been cleared.

Analysts expect that as many as 10 percent of China Mobile’s entire subscriber base may switch to the iPhones when they’re launched on the carrier, this would roughly translate into over 70 million new customers for Apple in one of the most crucial markets around the world.

Source: WSJ

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