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Chill Innovation KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard review

The small touchpad takes most of the keyboard’s right top side. It might not be as responsive or sensitive as the touchpads installed on quality laptops but it gets the job done. Two large Page Up and Page Down keys have been placed right beneath the touchpad; why the company did not make these two large keys working as the left and right touchpad keys and transferred them at the other side of the keyboard instead eludes us. 

At the bottom side of the keyboard one can find the mini-USB charging port and the flashlight button. The flashlight button is momentary, meaning that the flashlight will be on for as long as you are pressing the button.

At the top side of the keyboard one can find the USB bluetooth dongle. If you need to use it, you may replace it with the dummy dongle bundled with the keyboard to cover the hole.

The On/Off switch can be seen at the left side of the keyboard. The switch may be a little too stiff at first but will work much better after you use it about 10 times.

At the right side of the keyboard one can see the single wide-angle LED flashlight. The LED is not strong and the wide angle diffuses the light even further, which means that the flashlight provides very little light over a wide area; this actually is a good thing because you do not want a blindingly strong light when watching a movie inside a dark room and looking to grab a snack. This keyboard can also be ordered with a laser pointer instead of the LED flashlight which will be more suitable for presentations.

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