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Chill Innovation KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard review

Chill Innovation supplies the KB-1BT micro keyboard inside a small box, no larger than the box of a cell phone. The artwork on the box is limited to a real-size picture of the keyboard itself.

Several pictures of the keyboard and its most important specifications can be found at the rear side of the box.

Inside the box the keyboard is well protected by a nylon bag and a soft cardboard piece. The walls of the box itself are very thick given the size and weight of the product, ensuring its safe delivery.

The bundle of the KB-1BT micro keyboard is Spartan, limited to a mini-CD with the bluetooth drivers (unnecessary if you are using any of the latest OSes), a very basic manual, a dummy dongle for when you want to use the real USB bluetooth dongle and a micro USB cable for charging its battery.

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