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Cherry MX Speed is the fastest mechanical switch


Cherry has launched a new switch aimed at gamers called the MX Speed. Designed to be the “fastest mechanical MX switch,” MX Speed was found to be 40% faster than Cherry’s regular switches. The key difference in the new switches is actuation point of 1.2mm, resulting in low travel to contact and a low activation force of 45cN. Cherry also Cherry’s gold-crosspoint contact technology, you’ll see a bounce time of under 1ms.

The switches will be made available in black, as well as transparent RGB variants. As is the case with all Cherry MX switches, the MX Speed comes with a durability figure of 50 million keystrokes.

With Razer and Logitech coming out with their own mechanical switches targeted at a gaming audience, it is interesting to see what Cherry’s offering will bring to the table. Corsair is launching a trio of keyboards today that use MX Speed, with the gaming vendor gaining a six-month exclusivity on the switch.

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