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Check out this awesome, but probably fake, PS4 reveal ad.

A PlayStation 4 reveal ad has been circling the net lately, and while it’s probably a fake it is still a really cool video that will get you pumped for the real thing.

A video has been circling the internet lately, claiming to be a PlayStation 4 reveal commercial from Sony’s upcoming E3 2013 press conference. While the PS4 was revealed back in February, Sony never showed off the actual console, so if this video is the real thing it’s a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, there are a few inconsistencies that make it likely that the video is a fake:

 First, it used footage from the February reveal, and the logos for the circle, cross, square and triangle buttons are out of order from how they’re usually displayed. Also, publically available assets for the controller and the camera are used for the video and the render of the console is off in a few ways. Now, quite truthfully, none of those things could be considered absolute proof of a fake, but one also has to consider that reveals like this usually don’t happen if the company really wants it kept a secret; we can assume that with everyone eagerly awaiting the reveal at E3, letting it slip early would be a something Sony really wants to avoid. Oh, and Sony says it’s fake too.


While it is probably a fake then, it’s still a really good video, and certainly better than a lot of other video game console ads. Sony could learn a thing or two from this.


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