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Check out how much abuse the iPhone 6’s display can take

A video of what’s purported to be the new iPhone’s display shows it’s nearly indestructible.


Apple’s latest iPhone isn’t expected for a few months, but as is tradition with a new Apple product every aspect if it will be leaked prior to its official unveil.

The latest leak comes via Sonny Dickson, a well connected Australian with sources in Apple’s supply chain, and shows that the phone’s sapphire coated cover, a change from the Gorilla Glass used in the previous iPhone, is both bendable and nearly indestructible. A later video from Marques Brownlee, a prominent YouTube blogger, seemed to corroborate Dickson’s scoop.

Check out the videos below:

Of course this is not guaranteed, and could be an elaborate ruse. But considering Dickson’s track record of mostly being correct this could be the first look at the new iPhone’s display.


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