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Check out Gigabyte’s new WaterForce liquid cooler

Gigabyte’s liquid cooler is ready to take on other liquid coolers from the likes of Asus.


At Gigabyte’s Tech Tour product showcase held last week in Taipei, the company showed off its new WaterForce liquid cooler designed for its GeForce 780 Ti line.

Water cooling seems to be all the rage these days, out of necessity since the thermal requirements of high-end video cards keep going up. A recent example is the Asus-made watercooler on the Radeon R295 x2, a necessity because of the challenges keeping such a hot and powerful card cool in a PC case.



As you can see from the pictures, Gigabyte’s WaterForce can support up to three cards and has sufficient radiators to cover each card’s memory, GPU and VRM. It also includes a front panel controller that allows the user to discretely toggle and control each individual card’s cooler.

A price or release date has not yet been announced.


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