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ChatOn 2.0 SMS now available from Samsung

Samsung has released their latest version of the popular SMS app, ChatON v. 2.0, which is now up for grab in Google Play.

ChatON is described by Samsung as “a global mobile communication service that enables you to have better relationships with your buddies and groups of buddies.” With version 2.0, ChatOn now offers a few more features that are in direct competition to other similar SMS apps out there.

One of the best updates for ChatOn is how it can synchronize all of your updates and settings for up to 5 Android-based devices.  Quite simply, you just log into your Samsung account and you will have available your live chat history, friends list and chat history – it really is that simple.  The app will also be featuring offline support as well, so you can post your comments even if you are offline.  Basically it stores your comments and once the device is back on-line the comments are automatically posted for you.

Are you always talking to multiple people at the same time?  Now you have ability to send multiple texts and images all at once, and you can even change your font features along with sending many types of animations while you are chatting.  It features a push-to talk voice-messaging service for those using an Android tablet.  There is even a setting that gives it the same appearance on your tablet as it looks on your smartphone.  

And just in case you forget how often you chat with your best friend, there is this ‘interaction rank’ feature that tells you how often and how much you talk to certain people.  And while some might find this feature useful, it isn’t quite apparent why a person would need such a thing.

ChatOn 2.0 is a free app and it is available for download at the Google Play store. And if you just recently purchased an Android-based smartphone or tablet, the app does come stock with the Android OS, but you may need to update the software.

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