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CES 2017: Earin to Launch New M-2 Wireless Earphones

earinm2Apple’s Tim Cook recently trotted out the Airpods as a ‘runaway succes’. But soon, Apple may need to put in more legwork with Earin announcing their new M-2 Wireless Earbuds. Launching at CES 2017, the M-2s have a redesigned chassis and is touted to be the “smallest and lightest” wireless earbuds in the market. Most of its features remain similar to the M-1, but the M-2 now comes with a built-in Microphone. (Yes!) This allows you to take calls, which is something the original M-1s sorely lacked.


The M-1s also had some complaints of intermittent signal drops between the earbuds. With the new M-2s, both earbuds now tether to each other using Near-Field Magnetic Induction technology. NFMI is known to provide a more stable connection and offers better sound than simply using Bluetooth; though you’ll still have to connect your phone to the M-2s with Bluetooth. The M-2’s battery life remains the same at 3 hours, and its storage capsule carries 3 additional charges for up to 12 hours battery life.

The price hasn’t been announced, but I hope that the price isn’t as steep as the M-1s – which retail for S$349 in Singapore. No delivery dates have been announced either but the M-2s are expected to ship in Q1 2017.

Via: Cnet

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