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CES 2014: Intel unveils ‘Edison’, a wearable-sized Pentium PC

Intel hopes tiny PC will power next-generation of wearable computing.


Intel’s CES keynote was defined by not something big and mighty, but rather something small: a PC the size of an SD card.

Powered by Intel’s tiny Quark SoC, Edison, Intel’s new micro-PC runs Linux and has built in WiFi and Bluetooth. On stage, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich didn’t specify much in the line of technical details, such as clock speed, other than that the Quark processor inside it was built on the 22nm technology.

Intel says that Edison will have its own app store, and to encourage development for the device Intel will be offering $1.3 million in prizes for developers.

While this may have been an underwhelming announcement for a major venue such as CES, it will be interesting to see what developers do with it once the technology as it matures.

More details are expected closer to release date. Intel hasn’t given an exact release date, only saying that it will be available “mid-2014”.

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