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CES 2013: EVGA X79 Dark Motherboard and Mini-ITX Cases

Previously teased on their social media channels, EVGA showed off their new X79 Dark motherboard offering and an upcoming water-cooled mini-ITX enclosure.

X79 Dark

Unlike the more prominent motherboard makers like ASUS and Gigabyte, EVGA was late to the Intel Sandy Bridge-E HEDT platform with less than stellar offerings like the X79 FTW and Classified, which offered only four DDR3 DIMM slots (as opposed to eight on the other brands) and were plagued for months after launch with numerous BIOS quirks and underwhelming memory overclocking potential. The company's engineers went back to the drawing board to come out with the X79 Dark – which they claim is now able to compete with the likes of the Republic of Gamers boards from ASUS and challenge top overclocking records, thanks to a redesigned memory trace configuration (presumably T-toplogy) that can support eight-DIMM operation in quad channel.

The board is loaded with a plethora of enthusiast oriented features like a 12+1 phase VRM (presumably IR3550) and debug switches including an EVBot connector. A company spokesman said the X79 Dark should hit retail in around 2-3 months time,  which is to be close to the upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge-E refresh and GPU releases from Nvidia and AMD. 


Mini-ITX Box

EVGA also showed off its new line of ITX enclosures for LAN party enthusiasts, fitted with a 500W 1U power supply (40A on 12v rail) and ample space for a 240mm close-loop water radiator. The actual design and pricing has not been finalized yet but expect to see the final incarnation around Computex Taipei at June this year.

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