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Certain Samsung Galaxy S4 mini variants will apparently miss out on Lollipop

“Memory limitation” is the bizarre reason invoked by a major UK carrier, although the same network’s Irish arm seems to disprove this sorry excuse of an explanation.

KitKat Lollipop

LG got a head start on Samsung last fall with Lollipop updates, Motorola took full advantage of its close Google relations and quickly spread the love for several Xs and Gs, but ultimately, the device sales leaders comfortably prevailed in the software support arena as well.

We’ve lost count of all the Galaxy family members brought to the newest iteration of Android (well, second newest), between large-scale S5, Note 3 or S4 rollouts and slightly smaller, more regional A series or Tab S goodie pack deliveries.

Still, given the sheer size, diversity and hectic nature of Samsung’s product lineup, unpopular decisions regarding certain phones or slates were inevitable. Already, the OEM’s execs and/or engineers enraged many power user type of fans, putting off Note 4’s Android 5.0 global dissemination.

Now things are taking a dramatic turn for budget-conscious Sammy shoppers, which may never see their diminutive S4 minis move past KitKat. That’s right, the near two-year-old could have its support halted in premature fashion due to “memory limitation.”

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Say what?!? You mean Lollipop is so memory-demanding it can’t run smoothly on a 1.5 GB RAM system? Then how come the Galaxy A3 is upgraded as we speak? Not to mention 1 GB RAM-packing Moto Gs.

Clearly, someone with Three UK must have misunderstood what the service provider communicated with the phone manufacturer, though its Twitter handlers insist they checked with Samsung again and “received confirmation” of the sad news.

Ironically, just as the ominous UK messages were going out, the Irish division of Three was delivering the opposite announcement. Specifically, that S4 mini’s update “has been approved and has started to roll out so you should receive it in the coming weeks.”

In case you’re wondering, no, there’s no memory count disparity between the two regional models. Which unfortunately means the decision to roll out Lollipop to the Galaxy S4 mini could be up to each carrier individually. Not a smart call, Samsung! Never a smart call!

Source: Sam Mobile

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