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Century’s Drive Desktop Beefs Up Your Home Data Storage

Century makes sure that you'll never run out of data storage space in your home or office with the Hadaka-zoku Capsule Hotel. It is a convenient peripheral that allows you to instantly install and use up to four separate storage drives as an external data storage tower.

Are you the type that likes to archive many files in one day? Do you always like storing large HD media files? Then this peripheral by Century may be for you. The Hadaka-zoku Capsule Hotel is essentially a drive desktop that allows the external installation of a multi-drive system for your home or office computer system. The primary focus of the product is to conveniently use multiple desktop storage drives without the need to constantly open your desktop, or to constantly plug or connect multiple wired or wireless external drives to your computers.

As seen from the image, the Capsule Hotel is capable of using up to 4 SSD's or HDD's simultaneously. Each drive is powered separately, and can be turned on/off accordingly without affecting the other storage drives. To install a storage drive in it, you only have to open the drive bay, insert the drive as you would put a tray in an oven, then close the drive. It would automatically line up with the appropriate connectors inside, making drive switches fairly easy and convenient. And because they're powered separately, you can simply switch to a new drive in one slot, while the others are in operation.

Power management is also quite efficient, because the Capsule Hotel can be set to turn on only when the drives are accessed by the computer connected to it. Unfortunately for backup fanatics, though the unit is capable of using 4 drives simultaneously, it cannot be setup for a RAID system. Each drive will be recognized as a separate storage drive.

The primary drives that are compatible for you to use in the Capsule Hotel are 3.5 inch SATA HDD and SSD's.  For those who want to use 2.5 inch storage drives in it, they would have to use a special Hadaka-zoku mounting adapter to fit them in. The connection interface of the unit is USB 3.0 (5Gb/s). For cooling, it has two 2,500 RPM cooling fans. Its dimensions are set at 130 x 185 x 260 mm, and it weights 3.2 kg.

The official price for the unit hasn't been set yet, but it is estimated that it would be around 17,800 yen (220 USD).

Source: PCWatch (JP), Century (JP)

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