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Century develops live info terminal for earthquakes in Japan

The JMB-AH is an information terminal that is specifically used to monitor seismic activity all across Japan from a home or on other places where there are a large number of people. It can provide live, real-time data, so users in Japan can have an early warning forecast of an impending earthquake.

Japan's has a particular "specialty" for earthquakes due to its location. In fact, we all know that one of the worst ones just happened a year ago. That is why it is always an imperative task for the Japanese to develop their technologies in measuring and predicting seismic activity as accurate as they could. Getting the entire nation to know the current "ground status" is also equally important, as what this new innovation from Century demonstrates.

The JMB-AH is an advanced emergency earthquake information relay terminal. This particular model is designed for general, all-purpose use, allowing it to be easily placed and installed at homes and at various facilities like schools and train stations where information can be quickly accessed. The terminal connects to the internet, and relays all kinds of seismic activity data such as an earthquake's magnitude, epicenter, the entire area affected, duration and the time left before it arrives. All of the information can be presented in the terminal in real time, so information about earthquakes in other areas can be sent instantly to help people take an early and immediate course of action.

Though the JMB-AH has its own "advanced user" mode, it is of course made to be generally user-friendly. The advanced user setting is mostly set only when the unit is installed in locations where it is required to be used by professionals and researchers in earthquake-related fields.

The JMB-AH uses a 240×320 LCD touchscreen. Aside from live seismic activity data, it is also capable of providing minor data-related stuff such as a tuner radio capability. It also has slots that allow mobile devices to be charged. It requires four AA batteries to work, but it can also be plugged to an AC socket. Its dimensions are 146 x 43 x 101mm and it weighs 350 grams.

The price for the JMB-AH is set at 31,500 yen (390 USD). The information it sends via the internet though is totally free.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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