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CE China 2017 Highlights: The Flexound HuMu Smart Cushion

Hailing from faraway Finland, Flexound’s HuMu Smart Cushion is more than just a pillow with speakers inside. The pillow is able to provide a degree of sense-surround sound for watching videos as well using Flexound Xperience technology. You’ll also experience rich and deep bass which feels like bubbles of vibration against your skin. It connects to your smartphone or PC via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm Aux cable. At a regular listening volume you’ll get 8-hours of battery on a full USB charge.

I got a chance to experience it at CE China and indeed, the cushion sounded open and clear, delivering an airy soundstage even in a noisy environment. It was also pretty firm and comfy. What astonished me the most is its bass performance, which was powerful and (sort of) massaged the back of my neck. When I checked, I was surprised to find out that there were no woofer drivers or vibrators inside. Impressive!



Don’t like headphones but got a movie you want to catch in the dead of night? HuMu’s near-field audio technology delivers powerful sound but will seem like a whisper to anyone nearby. This is simply perfect for kicking back with music or games on your smartphone, without cumbersome headphones!

The pillow also works extremely well for therapy. Not only does it stimulate the part of the brain that responds to music, it also works on the the other half of the brain that responds to tactile stimuli through vibrations, enhancing the efficacy of therapeutic music. This makes the pillow highly effective for inducing calm and relaxation after a stressful day. It even works on children suffering from autism or hyperactivity.

The Flexound HuMu Smart Cushion can be ordered online for RMB 2500, or US$449 excluding shipping.

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