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On the catwalk: Verizon-bound Nokia Lumia 929 exposes itself ahead of formal intro

As many ties the undisputed king of mobile technology leaks, Evleaks, might have in many different branches of this scenery, it surely seems like he always knows Nokia’s plans best. It’s as if he’s working there. Might he be working there undercover?

Nokia Lumia 929

Probably not and, to be frank, I don’t really care. As long as he keeps the rumors flowing and they prove accurate more often than not, we should all be game for them and not question his ways.

But even knowing his impeccable track record, you have to admit he’s on an unusually hot streak of late. The guy has brought the Lumia 1520 to light less than three weeks ago, followed by precious intel on its unveiling and launch, plus a press shot of the Asha 500, covert information on Sirius’ market name and release timetable and finally… the Lumia 929.

Wait, what? Lumia 929? I don’t think anyone ever heard that moniker mentioned before. Actually, I’m pretty sure of it. Yet our most trusted insider ever claims to have it on good authority this thing will hit Verizon before long in black and white.

Nokia Lumia 929-2

Now don’t let that name fool you. In fact, for all intents and purposes, the Lumia 929 looks more similar to the 1520 than the 928. Sounds odd, yes, but based on the two very legit-looking press shots, this 929 fellow will sport a Full HD screen with a larger than 4.5 inches diagonal (probably 5 inches). And a 20 MP PureView rear-facing camera.

That’s almost as good as it gets in the Windows Phone décor, though we should probably wait for confirmation of all the above, as well as info on whether or not there will be a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor running the hardware show.

When might that confirmation come? No idea, just don’t keep your fingers crossed for it all to go down on October 22. After all, with the 1520 and 2520 likely going official then, wouldn’t the 929 crowd the events and make the announcements just too much to take in all at once?

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