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Iwill ZPC Review

IWILL's ZPC is one of the slimmest Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs you can find around in the market today. Can it compete with or even outdo the current crop of SFF PCs available on the market? (more…)

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VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

VIA is still up for a fight against nForce2 by coming up with the KT600 Northbridge and the VT8237 Southbridge. It features FastStream64™ Memory Controller Technology, a weapon against the 128 bit Dual Channel interface of the Nforce 2. (more…)

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Guide to Overclocking

This guide is meant to be a helpful start for newbies at overclocking. Bear in mind that this guide is not exact with every system configuration available, although I’ll try to keep it as wide-ranging as I possibly can. Also consider that overclocking is dangerous if you go over a

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Chip Con Prometeia Mach II Review

Chip-Con team is definitely working hard and just 6 months after the first introduction of their Prometeia, they have launched the second generation of Prometeia known as the Mach II with even better cooling performance and protection too. Prometeia Mach II is probably the most advanced cooling solution to date

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