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MSI Bravo EX627

MSI has announced their new Bravo EX627 which has a 16-inch HD display and features Cinema Pro Technology that claims to offer users the best movie viewing experience. (more…)

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iPhone 3G S CPU and Memory Specs Revealed

If you have noticed, the exact CPU and relevant technical specs of the iPhone 3G S were not revealed in detail. Well, except the "up to 2x faster" kind of marketing talk. In an article by Engadget, the specs of the iPhone 3G S were revealed by T-mobile Netherlands, read on to

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Sony: PS3 Slim Rumors Frustrating

We have seen rumors and even "leaked pictures" of a Playstation 3 Slim, the odds are there and SCEA's head of marketing - John Koller Koller admits Sony has had "a certain amount of frustration" with rumors that a slim-lined PS3 will hit retailers in the fall. (more…)

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