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Dyson’s electric car dreams become reality

We often joke that Dyson only makes products that suck or blow, but jokes aside the British company has always developed high-tech, revolutionary devices that have transformed the product segment they've entered - from the cyclonic seperation technology in their handheld vacuum cleaners to the compact digital motor in their

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Audi AI drives you out of jams

Following the huge technical strides in automated driving, Audi has announced the Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot, which is slated to be implemented on the new Audi A8, so that you can let the car take over when traffic slows down to a crawl. The first in the world to

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HP Enterprise heads to Mars?

HP Enterprise is teasing that an upcoming announcement by the tech giant will have astronomic implications - the creation of a 'new computer upgrade' so powerful that it will aid human space travel and enable us to land on Mars. For a number of years HPE has been developing The Machine, a

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