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Marie Kondo For Tech Nerds: All About Folding, But What About Folders?

Netflix's super-successful Original centering on homekeeper-extraordinarie Marie Kondo has led to waves of people taking to social media to show off neat piles of clothing, or neatly partitioned drawers with impeccably-arranged utensils. But what about us, the tech folk, Miss Marie Kondo? Our massive screens, neverending tangles of cables, wires

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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Records Are Awesome

[caption id="attachment_116970" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Courtesy: Mag-Lev Audio[/caption] If you’ve heard about it from your parents and friends but haven’t  actually owned a turntable, you’re really missing out! If you love music, here are 5 reasons why you should start experimenting with Vinyl records and turntables. 1. Vinyl records have a

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The Procrastinator’s Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

The Procrastinator’s Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide Christmas is coming round the corner at full speed. For the organized, their gifts have been bought, wrapped and carefully labeled since January. For the procrastinators, we’ve got you covered with this precious list of carefully curated Christmas presents guaranteed to delight your

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