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Watercooling Guide

Since I’ve seen quite a few people lately asking for advice on watercooling products and kits lately, I thought to write a ‘guide’ for watercooling and related products. It seems like it could be effective enough and helpful to newbies. (more…)

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Vantec New Products

Vantec is going to release two new products in August. Spectrum Cold Cathode Light and Vibration Dampener Kits for both case fan and PSU. Vantec Spectrum Cold Cathode Light comes in four different color selections for you to choose. Please note: Spectrum Cold Cathode Light does not included the inverter

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Chip Con Prometeia Mach II Review

Chip-Con team is definitely working hard and just 6 months after the first introduction of their Prometeia, they have launched the second generation of Prometeia known as the Mach II with even better cooling performance and protection too. Prometeia Mach II is probably the most advanced cooling solution to date

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FIC VC19E 845PE Review

FIC, a leading OEM and growing enthusiast motherboard and video card manufacturer, has of course released their version of the 845pe, the VC19E, a high end board with a low end price tag, something we've come to expect from FIC. With the board priced below $ 90 at most online

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Graphics CardsReviews

MSI GeForce FX5200-TDR128 Review

The GeForce FX 5200's main competition in the sub $ 100 market will come from ATI's Radeon 9100 and 9200 graphics cards, but unfortunately we were not able to get samples in time for review so we'll be comparing the MSI FX5200 TDR128'sperformance to its GeForce 4 budget and performance

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