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Catalyst 10.3 for Windows now supports mobile graphics

Owners of Windows-powered notebook equipped with ATI mobile graphics cards, now is your time to rejoice: Catalyst 10.3 for Windows finally brings with it support for the recent Mobility Radeon graphics cards.

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Less than 24 hours ago, we posted an article about how Catalyst 10.3 was a very unimpressive driver release for Linux owners, especially for those who happen to be using Linux distributions that features Xorg 7.5, simply Catalyst10.3 still does not have support for it yet.

But, if you belong to the majority of PC users who are running Microsoft Windows, and you happen to have a notebook with an ATI graphics card, then you’re in luck: the Windows release of Catalyst 10.3 finally brings mobile graphics card support to all Mobility Radeon HD graphics cards after the 2xxx series.

Indeed, for years, owners of notebooks featuring ATI graphics cards were often at the mercy of the respective OEMs to provide driver updates for the mobile gpus: in most cases, the driver updates never come at all, and in the event that the OEM does actually release updates graphics drivers, they are usually much more outdated than the current desktop drivers, forcing people to resort to various alternatives such as modding the desktop drivers.

In contrast, Nvidia had been providing users and gamers with mobile graphics drivers updates for almost a year already, a move which many have lauded.

However, it should be noted that ATI’s mobile Catalyst drivers still fall behind those Nvidia’s in the sense that the mobile Catalyst drivers are nly available for users of Windows Vista or Windows 7, meaning that those on Windows Xp are effectively cut off from the driver updates, while the Nvidia drivers stil support the XP operating system.

Still, a step in the right direction is better than not taking a single step and it’s undoubtedly nice to see that ATI is starting to play nice with the enthusiasts by offering regular driver updates for mobile graphics cards. Unless you happen to own a Sony, Toshiba or Panasonic notebook: these OEMs have decided not to take part in ATI’s driver program, so if you want to download the latest Catalyst drivers for your Sony/Toshiba/Panasonic notebook from ATI’s website, do so at your own risk.

Source: Windows 7 News

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