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Cashew – A Wallet Built Not To Get Lost

This week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’ features a really clever innovation known as the Cashew Smart Wallet. Not just a regular wallet that holds your valuables, but one that is designed never to get lost and keep your valuables as safe as can be.

Cashew 1
Image Credit: Cashew Smart Wallet

Cashew is the world’s first wallet to have fingerprint authentication, RFID blocker, electronic latch, crowdsource GPS, Bluetooth and buzzer capabilities all in one device. Aside from the technology packed into this device, the Cashew is designed to hold up to 30 currency notes and 6 cards – it is unable to hold any coins and thus no coin compartment.


General Specifications

As with any Smart device, Cashew comes with a companion mobile application. No charging or fancy equipment required in order to use Cashew, it’s battery can run for 9 months on a single charge. All it needs is an active Bluetooth connection to link up with your Smartphone and a few basic settings to set-up and it is ready for use.

Cashew 3
Image Credit: Cashew Smart Wallet


It is safe to say that Cashew really does have its security in place to keep your wallet safe. Like most Smartphones, Cashew taps on fingerprint authentication technology to keep your valuables secure. It can store up to 20 different fingerprints and its electronic latch will only unlock upon fingerprint recognition. Any unauthorised attempts to access, Cashew will be locked and a notification will be sent to your Smartphone.

In keeping up with security, Cashew has recently added RFID blocking capabilities to its list of features (stretch goal). Like the many secure wallets that are available, Cashew protects you from identity theft and keeps your credit card information away from thieves.

Cashew 2
Image Credit: Cashew Smart Wallet

Location, Location, Location

With its integrated Bluetooth feature, you will never be too far away from your wallet. Cashew’s companion mobile application will record its last location. In addition to that, there is the ‘buzzer’ feature which makes your wallet ring. Just follow the sound to find your misplaced wallet.

Just in case you really cannot find your wallet, Cashew has crowdsourcing GPS features. Once you have deemed that your wallet is lost, report it on the mobile application. This will activate all other Cashew users to try locate your device and if it does, you will receive a notification on the mobile application.


Perhaps one of the most interesting Smart device in some time to try solve an age old issue of losing your wallet and thief, Cashew proves to be a real contender and something to keep your eye on. Aside from the innovative technology packed into this device, there is one slight issue if I am being picky – it’s design. Yes, it is slick and clean but would not suit all occasions as it does look out of place when in a formal setting.

Cashew 4
Image Credit: Cashew Smart Wallet

Availability and Price

With just a couple of days to spare, most of Cashew’s early bird specials have been snapped up, the next Kickstarter pledge is going for SG$180 (US$130) gets you one Cashew wallet. International shipping is at an additional flat rate of SG$21 (US$15) to anywhere in the world. All orders for the Cashew wallet look to be fulfilled come October later this year.

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