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Carl Icahn still not convinced that Apple isn’t making a HDTV

The activist investor is not easily convinced it seems.


Carl Icahn is a well known activist investor who usually comes up in Apple related news for his advice to the Cupertino company on what to do with its huge pile of cash, he also makes recommendations on other matters related to the company and frequently pens them down and sends them to CEO Tim Cook.

For a few years now it has been rumored again and again that Apple is building a new HDTV set. Rumors particularly gained strength following the death of Steve Jobs, when it was widely believed that the last product he was working on at the company was a full-fledged television set, though there’s no evidence to support that claim.

It was reported yesterday that while Apple did plan at one point to jump into this industry, it gave up its plan to develop an HDTV set about a year ago and currently has no plans to start making such a product again.

Speaking to CNBC, Icahn said that he’s not backing off from the belief that Apple is making a television set. He’s sticking to his guns and reiterates that he believes Apple “will do a TV.”

Obviously the company never responds to such chatter so it’s highly unlikely that there will be an official response out of Apple on this matter. As it stands though, it doesn’t look like an Apple HDTV set is coming any time soon.

Source: AppleInsider

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